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Tiny Homes

Healthy Tiny Homes are designed to be "Homes That Heal"*. Not just any tiny home, these tiny homes are built to exacting standards, designed to drastically limit or eliminate toxins, volatile compounds and electromagnetic frequencies. For those who want to escape the ever increasing encroachment of a daily world of toxins, this healthy tiny home just might be your new safe haven. Most builders use particle board that use urea formaldehyde in their glue, which escapes in the form of off-gassing for years to come. Healthy Tiny Homes don't use such materials. Insulation can also be toxic but Healthy Tiny Homes uses only all natural Alpaca fiber for insulation. Healthy Tiny Homes also limit electromagnetic frequencies from the bombardment of our world today.  It's great for those with sensitivities such as autism, or maybe it's an independent setting for a person with a developmental challenge, or perhaps even a mother-in-law setup. Whatever your reason, find your refuge in a Healthy Tiny Home. Call 800-835-9278 and find out more today!


* These homes have not been evaluated by any regulating or medical authority and this statement in no way should be taken to mean that the home has any curative properties, but rather that it is built with products that reduce or eliminate many of the toxins and compounds either known to, or suspected to be potentially harmful to humans.

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